Pre-Paid Cards casinos

PrePaidATM Card is owned by PrePaidATM Europe Limited, which is based in Cork, Ireland. The PrePaidATM Card is a single product that contains a debit card, a virtual card and an ATM card. For this reason it is popular with people making online purchases of goods and services, including online gaming. The user can choose which type of card to use for a particular transaction.

The simplicity of the card is one of its major benefits. Customers can apply for a PrePaidATM card through the company’s website. Once the registration formalities are completed, customers can fund their accounts through a number of methods, which include electronic checks, credit card or bank wire.

Payment using the PrePaidATM card is very secure. The customers need to use 6 to 8 digit password to log into the PrePaidATM website. Then customers are given an account code, which is used to make online purchases or to transfer funds online. Finally customers have to use a four digit Personal Identification Number to authorize online transactions. This three-tier security adds to the comfort level of the users.

The beauty of the PrePaidATM card is that the user can purchase products and services online without having to disclose any personal information. Further the PrePaidATM is not linked to the user’s bank account. In fact users can purchase a PrePaidATM card without having a bank account. This privacy offered by the card is highly valued by online gamblers.

There is no cost attached to applying for a PrePaidATM card. Users are charged nominal fees for funding the card or withdrawing funds using certain payment methods. There are no fees for transferring funds to online casinos. The minimum withdrawal from the PrePaidATM card is $20. These charges are among the lowest in the funds transfer industry.

One of the advantages of the PrePaidATM card is its Rewards Program, which rewards its users for simply referring their friends and relatives to this service. When existing members refer a friend to PrePaidATM, they get a 3% commission for every online purchase the referred person makes. Commissions of over $10.00 are automatically transferred to the customer’s account at the end of every month and commissions of less than $10.00 are carried forward to the next month.


Though most of the PrePaidATM cardholders are from the United States, Mexico and Canada, there are members from other countries as well. Since applications for the PrePaidATM card are made online by completing the formalities at the company’s web site players from any country can apply. Once the card is obtained players can use it for funding any online casino anywhere in the world. In fact this payment method is accepted by thousands of online and offline retail merchants around the globe. Therefore the card is truly a global card.