Wager Gaming Technology Casinos

Wager Gaming Technology (Vegas Technology), formerly Oddson, was founded in 1998 to develop software for e-cash processing companies. However, since many of its clients were in the casino business it quickly began to develop high quality online gambling software. It soon became a pioneer in online gambling software of all types and was known for developing and marketing innovative and exciting games of all types. The casino management software it has developed is modular and flexible and allows full management access to data on a 24 hour basis from anywhere in the world.

In the highly competitive industry of internet gambling the use of top rated and high quality software is essential. People who like to engage in online gambling are not particularly patient when it comes to slow response times, long downloads, or frequent down time. They want fast paced action that rivals what they could receive by driving to the nearest casino, but they want it in the comfort of their own homes. If you operate a casino or are considering opening an internet gambling site then you know that you must meet the wishes of the player. To do that you need the finest software, and you can get it from Vegas Technology.

The Vegas Technology software provides a wide variety of casino games including slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, keno, stud poker and craps. The graphics are excellent and eye catching and most importantly the games are exciting and fun to play. The software can create an infinite variety of graphic variations for the slots and video poker games, and since the casino operator owns the graphics they can be customized to match the theme of the individual casino.

The server itself is designed to accommodate any number of players or connections with no annoying downtime. If a player becomes disconnected the connection is instantly re-established. No information is lost and the game play is not interrupted. This keeps the players happy and they’ll keep coming back to the site to play again and again. The company features no download flash casino software. All players have to do is click on the link, register and begin playing. This can be done from the location most convenient to the player.

Vegas Technology also provides one of the best and most innovative Back Office management systems to casino operators. Management has instant access to reports on player registration, games played, account balances, and wagering. Player activity is monitored, tracked, and analyzed and reported to the management team. Profit and loss financial statements are also instantly available. All of this allows the operator of an online gambling site to adjust marketing strategies to increase the number of players attracted to the site, the retention rate of players, and more importantly the bottom line.

The Vegas Technology software has recently been acquired by two of the best known and most popular casino sites, Caribbean Gold and SuperSlots. These sites have joined numerous other satisfied internet gambling clients of the company. You can be one of these clients and experience the same success as the others. Check out this fabulous software for yourself and then follow the road to online gambling success.